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Government policies in Sweden were firstly external and had a long-term orientation. This project also aims to investigate how the artificial recharge would affect the groundwater levels in the system as well as the effect of the spread of zinc, lead and copper regarding the mass transport, transportation time and the contaminant plume. The widow had no guardian, thus being her own mistress. Boxing and weightlifting were largely regarded and designated as professions, challenging ideals of amateurism. The risk of this practice, however, is that it consists of a checklist that does not always provide room for different experiences of somnambulism. The analysis shows that the German-German context involved regular wars of words, where the use of a name could prompt both domestic and foreign policy con icts. Studien visar också att graden av struktur på samtalen har betydelse för hur stor nytta lärarna har av samtalen för deras lärande och undervisning.

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Fluctuating categories of social status, ethnical belonging, geographical location and generation also contributed to a diversity of femininity constructions.

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Sex, Culture and Society in Modern China

Genom att resa iväg på semestern kunde informanterna uppfylla önskemålet om att få uppleva kontrast till hela sin vardag. This would support more harmonised and transparent data evaluations and encourage studies to be evaluated according to their inherent scientific quality rather than mere compliance with standardised test guidelines. The period of investigation is over one hundred years. Consequently, data based on industry studies that are not publicly available cannot be scrutinised and independently assessed by third parties. The results of the research both demonstrate the various ways culture was instrumentalized and also prove that the politically defined concept of culture can receive different interpretations in the official discourse depending on current political goals. Visa även upphörda utbildningsprogram Språkkonsultprogrammet. The book explores how erotic behaviour was conceptualised as disease, and the nature of therapeutic intervention in erotic cases, in order to present a more nuanced image of nineteenth-century medical attitudes to sexuality.

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