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The interviews were systematically coded and analysed using the SOC components as analytical tools. The most outstanding conclusion from this study was that all of the interviewed professionals stated that they knew about the phenomena and chose to describe it with a negative emphasize although most of them had never really been in contact with the phenomena. What makes teenagers continue?: In- and outflow in club sport: This thesis is based on four studies and, empirically, it is partly longitudinal where the same pupils born have answered a questionnaire at 10, 13, 16 and 19 years of age. Rather than concentrating on those who drop out of club sports, the focus of this article is on those who continue during their teenage years despite being non-elite participants.

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Karp, Staffan, Docent Umeå universitet.

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Demographic research papers

If the findings correspond with young people's willingness to learn and develop together with others, it is conceivable that club sports as well as physical education should be organized to give all young people opportunities to learn physical activities with numerous opportunities for motor and social learning in focus. The conclusion is that sports clubs should try to organize activities emphasizing development with numerous opportunities and challenges for motor and social learning with less focus on competitions as the only focal point. By illuminating the experiences of non-elite participants, the overall aim is to study what makes teenagers continue to participate in club sports with a specific focus on what teenagers find meaningful and important when they participate in club sports. Many young people in Sweden stop participating in club sport during their teens, but some continue. The teenagers who chooses to upload revealing photos of them selves on internet were described as mainly girls in the lower teens and often with a low self esteem or with some sort of problematic circumstances. International studies have revealed that young people engage in sports because of friends, the enjoyment of participation, and the ability to feel healthy.

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papers on teens
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