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Det går inte i ett demokratiskt informationssamhälle att förhindra gissningar av den här sorten. När polisen får en anmälan om misstänkt brott så reagerar de på basis av den information polisen har. Sålunda är det dags att sammanfatta spekulationerna. Also by this moment just one of the accusations remain, and that is a lesser crime comparable to stealing a car — and against the other woman, the rape charge is not nothing. The truth behind Break Up A Bit. Just när man trodde att Assange-affären inte kunde bli galnare och väntade sig det skulle lugna ner sig så inträffar det omvända. The interpretation is crazy, clearly political.

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Rosander told them it could not be called mistake because it was normal procedure.

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Det är Johann Binninge, RO: Just remember to use protection and keep your bodies and minds safe. Aftonbladet have comments from Assange who says he have no idea who the women are, no idea what the accusation is about and have never had sex without it being consensual. Det gagnar inte precis saken utan ger den misstänkte en chans att undkomma. Had that been the initial accusation this would not have made media waves all over the world.

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wearing two condoms is bad
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